Day 15: Tough Choices

Today was our second zero in Idyllwild. This town is lovely and I can’t help but enjoy it here, but I am walking under a bit of a cloud. The plantar fasciitis hammer has fallen and I have been told by the doctor in this tiny town that I should rest if I want it to have any chance of healing.

 So it has been decided, after much hemming and hawing and against my stubborn will, that I will be sent ahead to Wrightwood to await Pine Nut and to stay off my feet.

 It seems that working for years standing on a line cooking was not ideal if I wanted to thru hike. I admit I am crestfallen. I have worked so hard to get here and I don’t want to lose out on miles, but I know that the adult choice is to consider my health over what other people may think.

 The reality may be that I judge myself more harshly than any of the other people out here.

I don’t want to let down my teammate and my best friend. But here we are, sitting in an idyllic mountain town making tough decisions to try to maintain our timeline.

 Tomorrow I will climb the Devil’s Slide and begin my way over Mount San Jacinto towards the ten hours of bus transfers that will take me several days forward to a town where new shoes await and hopefully rest will heal these stupid feet of mine.