Day 130: I Refuse to Move

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I woke up still feeling a little sick, but mostly feeling pretty darn happy. We broke camp and headed to Shelter Cove Resort (a generous title) to see if pancakes were in our future. Felix was there already, and I made her do the math for me again: did we really do a 40? We did, she proved.

We were waiting until 3pm, it turned out, to see if I could get my package. I sent it USPS instead of UPS, and in rural places like this it means you package can disappear, which it did. I was told the resort didn’t have it, the Post Office told me they didn’t have it, they delivered it to a random sports store. The sports store was so rude it seemed as if they were likely to just throw out all of the packages they received. 

 But it was all okay — we waited anyways, just to see what happened. When it didn’t show up and we were all happily using the Internet and sprawling out in the grass, we gave up on hiking. We would stay.

The three of us, Felix, Boomerang, and I, have decided we are in summer camp. Neither of them have experienced it (although I have time and again, I am happy to say), so we get to do all the little games and inside jokes and giggling that summer camp bubbles over with.

When it was time to camp, we pushed our Tyvek sheets together and slept side by side, faces scrunched up on the dark next to each other, laughing. We shared our most embarrassing stories and yelped with mirth until our bellies hurt. We rolled around on our pads, exhausted with the fun of it all.

We’ve all made friends.