Day 117-120: Ashland!

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I woke up so early this morning. It was the morning that I would head into Ashland. Ashland has been this mythical town. I have dreamed of it for so long. 

 Ashland means the end of California, the beginning of the end. Ashland means vacation — days and days of zeros. Ashland means civilization. Ashland means Shakespeare. Ashland means that I have arrived. 

 I walked through sloping beautiful lands filled with golden, swaying grass and ended up down and down in the bustling metropolis of Ashland. A man gave me a ride into town and liked “little Pine Nut” so much he posed me leaning against a lamppost for a photoshoot. I smiled awkwardly until he left me in town, and I was filled with the joy of lots of people watching. 

 The next three days were filled with happiness, relaxation, crying, stress, food, and people watching. I blogged and packed boxes for the whole state and hung out with friends and Boomerang and gorged myself on Indian food and watched a movie and stayed with Purple Rain in a real house. It was exactly what I needed. But three days of blogs about all that would be boring. 

 Trust me, Ashland was an incredible vacation. 

 Plus, I got a mini Dash to keep Rainbow Dash close to me!