Inspiration: 3 Ways to Ignite Today

I’ve spent most of my life in my mind. I make lists to try and stop myself from obsessively repeating my To-Dos in my head, I studied philosophy to try and uncover the “Truth,” I ask mentors for homework and checklists, and I talk and talk and talk to avoid silence.

But that quiet is where inspiration comes forth.

The void behind thought is where the truth lies, and solitude is necessary to jump start creative endeavors. That’s why I have three tricks up my sleeve to drop the chatter and head straight into the imaginative:

  1. Morning Pages: Taken right from Julia Cameron’s incredible book The Artist’s Way, these are three pages of blah to get the garbage out of the way. Even repeating “I hate morning pages” over and over again (which I’ve done) is enough to clear the way for clarity, instead of repetitive funk.
  2. Endurance Exercise: Long-distance (and by this I mean more than commuting) cycling and other repetitive acts allow me a moving moment of peace. Plus, endorphins don’t suck.
  3. Compassion: Genuine connection with others is the fastest way to get me out of my head. Looking my barista in the eye and actually asking how their day is changes my day, no matter what they say.

A vision of today:

  • take out the garbage (scream, journal, dance it out)
  • get quiet (meditate, walk, take a few deep breaths)
  • and touch base (call your mom, get coffee with a friend, thank your bus driver).

See what happens. What is there to lose?