How To Get What You Want

It’s pretty easy, but somehow it’s also hard to do…

In the great outdoors it’s so easy to get swept up in doing what other people want. It’s easy to go on slopes that other people think are safe and you feel uncomfortable about. It’s effortless to ask “what do you want to do?” instead of saying what you want. It’s comfortable to step back instead of stepping forward.

I would know … I’ve spent 27 years doing “nice!” It’s gotten me into some dicey situations, pushed me out of my comfort zone (sometimes in good ways), and has kept me in a passive role. It’s about time I channel my inner Bey and get shit done. Want to join me?


Here are my steps for getting exactly what I want:


1. Decide what I want. (This step needs it’s own blog … and years of therapy.)

2. Delete “sorry,” “maybe later,” and “is that okay?” with a worried face from my vocabulary.

3. Put on my most epically clashing-patterned outfit.

4. Start bumping my Zero Fucks playlist.

5. Look a fellow human right in the eye.

6. Say what I want.

7. Stop.

8. Resist the urge to ask what they want.

9. Resist the urge to apologize. (Why do I still feel bad?)

10. Resist the urge to take it all back.

11. Get what I want, or don’t.