Day One

Avry’s Thoughts:

On this the first of what will multiply to many days, I am snuggled up in my tent trying to figure out how to tell all of you back home about this. First I think I would say to you that despite what many postcards have told you the desert, at least this desert, is not flat. It was sneaky elevation and heat that really defined our day. That and surprising (to me at least) sucess.  


We didn’t crush all of the miles today but we did start to successfully take care of ourselves and each other. That in my mind is what will help us get through all of his madness. Not crushing miles underfoot or any of our gear. 

I believe taking the time to be there for each other in all of the tiny moments of doubt, fear, pain, or exhaustion is the thing that will carry us through this still surreal and ever epic journey. Thanks for sending us all of the love guys we will keep on truckin.


Aer’s Version:

I am lying in our tent, listening to birds trill and watching bugs dance against the mesh. I feel safe and tired and happy. 

 Today began early, first at midnight when the bass of the club under our hostel began thumpa-ing inside my chest, and then again four hours later when I was too terrified of missing my alarm to sleep. When we finally left the hostel and wandered out of a Starbucks with baked goods and cold coffee (it was already warm in San Diego!) in hand, my nerves were making waves. 

They bubbled, tripling and doubling upon themselves until they burst right out of me and onto the concrete. Avry talked me down and the suds settled into a murky churn. 

 My Uncle Jay drove us to the border, where I saw the fence for the first time. We reached the monument, a few chunks of wood boasting a few pieces of medal, were showered with jokes and prayers and love, and set off. The nerves vanished, and the wonder set in. 

 We climbed and dropped and climbed some more. We were hot, and thirsty, and upset, and full of laughter.

We didn’t make it the 14.2 miles we wanted — instead stopped at 11 miles when we were so ready to eat. 

Plans change, emotions throw me through the ringer, but this thing — I think we can do it. 

 And I think we are going to have a ball.