Day 86: Off to Echo Lake

We didn’t need to check out of the campground until 11am, and we decided to make every moment count. I woke at 6.40, stumbling bleary eyed to an open coffee joint and then to an early meeting with newfound friends. 
 I pushed Ant awake an hour and a half later and we wandered over to the coffee shop (which was also a bakery and bagel place) for another jolt of caffeine and decadently fluffy, yeasty bagels. I got two more for the road and a chunk of bagel pudding — I can’t wait to find out what it is! 

 After devouring our feast we headed up the block to sit in front of a laundromat. It advertised free wifi and demanded no loitering inside, so we loitered outside, which was fine with us. I watched the upstanding citizens pass by on their luxurious Sunday morning strolls as I waited for my blogs to upload and audiobooks to download (Mrs. Dalloway and A Tale of Two Cities are next on the docket).  

  Lake Tahoe is glorious, but eventually (if regretfully) we had to leave. We hiked from where I got dropped off to Echo Lake Resort, where we bummed around with hiker trash and ate even more.  
Finally we made our way up the trail, to find a beautiful campsite right on lakefront property. We warded off a pesky chipmunk and drifted off into dreamland.